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KnockNok is the answer to safer security solutions

It brings people closer enabling Smart Safer Security Solutions as a culture. We, to safeguard and provide the best security for a housing complex, have designed state of the art security solutions. This platform allows organizing digitally smart security solutions for day to day society needs and also protects the privacy of the residents.
While most apartment buildings and residential complexes do have security measures in place, they are either outmoded or rely heavily on manual record keeping. In the current times, it’s no longer safe to rely on old aged methods alone. Hence, Digitalized security is the need of the hour and wise decision to safeguard the resident community.

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Why Knocknok?

Simple and Easy to use platform: KnockNok is a complete digitalized revolutionary smart security solution that has changed the way society management operates. The user-friendly interface is simple enough to decipher and operate.

  • Providing stringent Safe smart security solutions is our forte.
  • Through this ace, powerful platform KnockNok has been successfully able to cater to clients need to unprecedented strong security facilitating the strengthening of security policies for regular visitors as well as for guests.
  • KnockNok is powered to improve security standards around your gated community; through Security and Community Management tools.
  • It also further strengthens the safety of your society by keeping visual and digital records of all entries and exits – accessible anytime and anywhere – and automates staff entry through a bio-metric process.
  • You can choose to determine and select people who visit your premises
  • Decline entry of unwelcomed visitors
  • Stay well-informed about important updated notices related to society matters
  • Know all about the upcoming events, meetings and social gatherings, if any.


That have eased the life of residents

Visitor tracking and Pre-informing

Guest who is waiting or coming at your home in one click, accept or reject visitors at your own.

Manage attendance

Manage attendance of personal working staff for you such as maids, car cleaners and drivers

Emergency Alarm

Reach to your security guard and relatives instantaneously in case of emergency on tap of one SOS button

Tenant Management

Manage your tenants across your properties with ease, Add or remove your tenants using our application.The tenants will also be receiving separate notifications.

Complaint Management

Get resolutions to all your complaints. All you need is to raise a complaint here. The society manager is instantly notified, and you can track your complaint status anytime.

Important Contacts

Save important contacts or emergency contacts within our application, in case of emergencies or current requirements you can directly reach out to the concerned parties at a click of a button straight from our application itself!

Wireless Intercom

Introducing wireless intercom facility without violating your mobile number security.

Security guard round ups

Get routine notifications on guard round up duties and enquire about the guard round up details as well at a click of a button!

Easy to Install

Installation Process

It’s a two-day installation process. We conduct demos for residents to know the functioning and use of the platform. We train security guards to facilitate immediate app installation.

Nominal investment

The smart security solution can be deployed at a nominal cost. No periodic maintenance is needed and society also does not need to invest in expensive hardware.

Comprehensive & Easy to use for everyone!

• The quick notification to the respective residents and the immediate responsive action facilitates safe and secure-check in the facility.
• Provides a live list of visitors in the society
• Check-in and checkout of the working staff is maintained
• Residents vehicular flow is maintained

Login Screen Knocknok_001

What will KnockNok provide?

To enable citizens to live their lives with a sense of security, you can be best assured to get the best efficient services and will also be provided with branded Android tablets, high-speed internet, secure cloud storage, unlimited SMS services, and training to the staff and technical support.

Branded Android Tablets

Easy to use KnockNok user app

High-speed internet connection

Secured cloud storage

Training & Technical assistance

Unlimited SMS

We offer multiple applications across sectors

Knocknok Housing Security System is a functional, powerful, cost-effective tool for strengthening and accentuating your visitor and security policies. It is a key factor to enrich and safeguard your resident’s lives. Our proven results help you achieve an unprecedented strong system with an easy to use interface that facilitates both security of the residents and helps you to keep them up to date. Some key features include:
1) Determine and examine your visitors with their details
2) Immediately identify and deny unwelcomed visitors in real-time
3) Monitor on-duty staff currently working at your premises
4) Stay updated with any upcoming events, meetings and other important notices
5) Manage the flow of residents’ vehicles
6) Pre-register any expected visitors
7) Manage and book common facility areas
8) Manage attendance of service staff working for you

Our Office Security System is a powerful, cost-effective tool which strengthens visitor security policies. Our proven results in providing an unprecedented strong security with an easy interface facilitating both professional and reactive office management is admired by many.
1) KnockNok Office Application for offices (Frontend)
KnockNok for office mainly provides details of all guests and visitors who visit your office. additionally, thereto, it also helps you maintain tabs on general office attendance, managing office events, routine delivery details and much more. Some key features include:
a) Quick & easy check-ins for new visitors
b) Live list of visitors currently inside the office premises
c) Management of check-in & check-out of your office staff
d) Management of routine inventory and stock deliveries
e) Receive instant notifications of visitor & deliveries
f) Management of office events and functions

2) KnockNok Office Application for offices (Dashboard)
Knocknok’s Office Dashboard enables your office management team to operate various functions of our system i.e. add/delete employees, manage multiple office locations, manage staff attendance, create & manage events/functions, observe visitor analytics, etc. Some key features include:
a) Provides a comprehensive list of all visitors
b) Enables you to Pre-register expected visitors
c) Create & manage office events and functions
d) Maintain and analyse office staff attendance
e) Manage multiple office locations
f) Observe & analyse visitor analytics

Knocknok Factory Management System is a functional, powerful, cost-effective tool for strengthening and accentuating your management policies. Our proven results help you achieve an unprecedented strong system with an easy to use interface that facilitates both stock management & smooth functioning of your workflow. Some key features include:
1) Manage staff attendance in real-time
2) Keep track of all routine visitors to your factory
3) Maintain a digital log of incoming & outgoing stock
4) Track all stock usage
5) Stay updated with instant quick notifications
6) Access and observe all activities from anywhere in the world in real-time


Ensure your security at just a click of a button, now at just $1 per user!


Find out why our users love KnockNok

For us, one of the biggest concerns was getting verified data of the leads. The Knocknok Leads management software helped us with that. In addition to that, it assists with follow-ups by providing daily reminders option and many more to smoothen the entire process.

Mr. Rahul Thakkar, Ruparel Realty

Knocknok is a full-proof security system that’s both the latest in technology as well as simplistic. This system allows us to do a lot more than just keep track of daily staff and visitors. It’s the only security system you’ll ever need.

Mr. Sujay Gupta, Samraat Developers

Knocknok is more than a security partner to us. The system assists us with daily stock management data through an easy-to-use interface. And it doesn’t stop there. It also helps us in lead management providing verified data which is a big bonus for us.

Mr. Rajeev Mhapankar, The Safal Group

KnockNok has allowed us to have a smooth and easy sign in process for our Office! We can add as much information to the process as needed, and the visitors are able to sign in with ease.

Bhupendra Shah Director


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Knocknok provides state of the art security solutions through your smartphones, which is easy to understand and use.
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